The Five Important Pages in your Site and no, it’s not your Homepage


Do you know the five important pages your website needs?

Do you know your homepage isn’t even one of them?

Before looking at the five important pages in your site, it is worth mentioning that the traditional website is built as a glorified bill board; but it ought to be more than that.

There are five pages currently used by web designers who don’t understand marketing and customer value optimization (you don’t blame them).

These are the home page, about us, contact page, portfolio, team, event etc.

Not one of these pages is set up to convert.
Only to inform passively which means it’s informing visitors with content that’s really not on their mind when they’re in the beginning phase of researching solutions.

If you think about marketing as a relationship, a true relationship, that starts with being strangers to a budding friendship and then intimate and close buddy-buddy, then you’d understand that online relationship with leads happens just the same.

Knowing these five pages is as crucial to growing that relationship.

When traffic comes on your site, they don’t know you yet and you’d do yourself a world of favour if you understand WHO you’re talking to, and at WHAT stage you are in your relationship they’re at.

It would never work to ask someone who just learned about your business for the first time to buy your core expensive offer. Click To Tweet

You need to first cultivate that relationship before asking for the sale.

You have to have customer journey campaigns (both advertising, nurturing etc) in place that automate the building of these relationships.

And this is where the traditional website is totally lacking.

When someone gets on any page, for example, you don’t have a clue. They come, they leave. You have no idea.

Based on these limitations, the time for traditional websites is over. In fact, I’m officially throwing the red card at traditional websites. And as a business, you need to move from billboard type static pages of
traditional website to conversion funnels.

Instead of the regular pages you’d see in a traditional website, your conversion funnel requires lead generating, client attraction and ascension pages instead.

So rather than the regular pages, which pages should you rather have? what are the five important pages in your site?

  • Offer specific landing pages – Let’s call this your lead magnet page or opt-in page or free offer page.
  • Your thank you page
  • Your tripwire page
  • Your core offer sales page
  • Your Profit maximizer pages – cross sell/upsell/downsell

Unlike the regular pages, most of these pages are not included in the navigation bar on your homepage. They are the under the hood structure that powers traffic, leads, sales and profit from your online presence; powered by your customer journey and email automation tools.

These pages work together to build a relationship with prospects… to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, customers into repeat buyers, and repeat buyers into raving fans.

I call it your “conversion funnel”

When you have these pages set up, it’s time to unleash traffic to your conversion funnel.

Your profit is now dependent on the amount of traffic you can send and the conversion rate of your pages and funnels.

You can learn more about converting your numbers to profit 

Which is a good thing, because you can implement analytic tools that will show you what’s going on with each page and how your leads are interacting with your funnels. This gives you the right insight to know what to optimize, tweak and improve.

Of course, no funnel is great without monitoring and analytics. Once you start sending traffic, monitor and plug the leaky holes so that you can maximize your conversions within your funnels.

You can also use re-targeting ads and email automation to maximize the sales
you get from your funnels.

It’s time to get rid of the traditional website and implement online conversion funnels instead.


Ifeoma Illoh is a data driven digital marketer focused on revenue growth and customer retention. As a senior digital marketing and PR consultant she works with businesses to activate and grow consistent revenue using digital channels and online media platforms so they can attract leads, maximize sales and grow exponentially. This is ultimately so that business owners can make impact, have influence and build the legacy they desire. She's the Founder of WiredInn Digital agency which she built from ground zero . She's actively the Chief Content Officer here at OMI.