Is your LinkedIn Profile Magnetic and Marketable?


Are you using the power of your LinkedIn profile to accomplish business goals?

Do you recognize that your LinkedIn Profile can attract clients and help you close more sales?

In the course of my day to day interaction with so many business owners and professionals. I’ve noticed something missing.
The challenge isn’t that people don’t have a LinkedIn profile at least for those who do.

The challenge, which is the missing key is that these profiles do nothing for their owners.

As you may know, LinkedIn is the professional network and all the blah…blah… blah…
You know the stats and I won’t attempt to belabour the point here.
The challenge I want to tackle with this post is how you can use your LinkedIn to acquire new clients, customers and audience.

It starts with a magnetizable and marketable LinkedIn profile.

I’ve noticed a great number of business owners who have great businesses; a great product or service. However, they fail to position their LinkedIn profile accurately to reflect that.

I still can’t believe in 2017, I have to keep talking about this.

LinkedIn profile (blog quote 1)

Like for real, I can’t believe this. I held a webinar or as I love to call it, an online workshop in 2013 and taught business owners how to position their LinkedIn profile for profitability and business results.

Again, let me reiterate.

Your LinkedIn profile is the window to your work and business. Click To Tweet

And it’s not just about listing a ton of lingoes or thinking no one cares and no one will read it.

Those are two extremes you don’t want to fall into.
To make your LinkedIn profile magnetizable and marketable you need to first stop making these terrible mistakes I found business owners making with their profile:

I’m just going to highlight only a few.


Let’s go!

1. A profile that doesn’t say much about what you do.

So many LinkedIn profiles are pretty much the sight of an abandoned island in the middle of a desert.

Except for the default job title that LinkedIn requires so many don’t bother to fill out their LinkedIn profiles with their strong points but leave their profile to smell of decay and dryness like Agege Bread that lasted many days.

Imagine if you were to give a business card to everyone you meet on your path, would you give them a blank card?

Of course not.

Well if your LinkedIn profile does not detail enough of what you do, how you do it and the benefit potential clients stand to gain, you miss the mark.

I know why you may not see your LinkedIn as a profitable channel and don’t bother to invest the time it takes to create a marketable profile.

Not to mention that it could be daunting as well. Just to think about filling all those sections and not just fill them up with a ton of words but words structured to sell.

For your LinkedIn profile to sell you, it has to be crafted with that in mind.

There’s a way to get it right and a way not to. Just throwing up words that mean nothing to your potential client is incredibly a waste of time.

You should craft a LinkedIn profile story that represents the story your potential clients are telling themselves.

LinkedIn profile (blog quote 2)

Speak in the language your clients understand. I call it your marketing message.

Moving on.

2. Business owners who project themselves as self-employed.

LinkedIn profile - self employed title

Whether you’re self-employed or working with an organization, you’re creating value.

Get that value explained in the language a prospective customer would understand. Speak the story of your potential client.

3. Finally, business owners who address their LinkedIn profile like it’s some kind of popularity contest based on their acquired titles.

LinkedIn profile - use of long titles

I see so many funny stuff.


okay, maybe I’m making up some stuff here, at the risk of not mentioning any specific title. But you do know what I mean, right?

Yea, we know you hold that almighty degree and the membership you belong to plus the prestigious societies that you’re alumni of but your headline isn’t necessarily the place for that.
All those can be shared within the Summary section.

Once again, your LinkedIn profile is a lead generation asset for you.

So you got to maximize it.

Okay, we were only able to cover three core mistakes that keep your profile from being marketable and magnetizable and overall repel potential clients and leads from you.

There is a whole lot to understand when it comes to using LinkedIn as a marketing channel to acquire clients and grow your business.

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Ifeoma Illoh is a data driven digital marketer focused on revenue growth and customer retention. As a senior digital marketing and PR consultant she works with businesses to activate and grow consistent revenue using digital channels and online media platforms so they can attract leads, maximize sales and grow exponentially. This is ultimately so that business owners can make impact, have influence and build the legacy they desire. She's the Founder of WiredInn Digital agency which she built from ground zero . She's actively the Chief Content Officer here at OMI.

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